My Car is Defective and Caused an Accident

It is no surprise that today’s automobiles are much safer than ever before. Technologies, devices and equipment ensure car passengers and drivers are well-protected. Seat belts, road and vehicle condition monitoring computers, crumple zones, airbags, and warning indicators help drivers avoid accidents, also protecting everyone in the vehicle when a crash happens.

But sometimes those protective systems fail. Like any equipment, technology, or mechanical device, these systems can be defective due to improper manufacturing or faulty installation. When people “souped up” their car using aftermarket additions, those may also interfere with the vehicle’s safety or performance.


 What are some Common Defective Car Parts?

Regardless of the cause of a vehicle defect that results in an accident, that defect likely means others are at least partially to blame for the damage suffered in the wreck. But what can be done about this? Who is at fault, when a car or its parts are defective? For answers to these questions and guidance through the legal maze of auto accident negligence, it is important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney that has dealt with these types of claims.

Because attorney Jason Hutzler started his legal career as an adjuster and then moving onto to insurance company defense, he has many years of experience knowing the insurance tricks used to deny a claim. This gives Hutzler Law the upper hand when dealing with your accident claim.

Some frequently experienced defects that result in car accidents include:

  • Airbags not deploying on impact, or spontaneously deploying
  • Computer systems causing the car to accelerate unexpectedly
  • Faulty braking systems
  • Faulty or defective tires
  • Poorly designed engine parts
  • Substandard materials
  • Other defects

These defects and others have resulted in case filings following auto accidents in the past several years. You may have seen stories about such cases in the media. When the media reports on accidents caused by automaker deficiencies, this helps others with the same make or model of cars become aware of a potential problem. Manufacturer recalls may result, or drivers can have their car checked for the same type of defect to prevent an accident of their own.

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If anyone has been injured, provide first aid measures until help arrives. If you can, photograph the damage to both vehicles, the scene, and your injuries. If you are unable to take photos, ask someone else if he or she can take pictures for you with your smartphone. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw what happened.

Exchange information with the other driver, making certain to write down his or her name, contact information, registration information, and insurance information. If you can, photograph the driver’s license plate, driver’s license, insurance card, and registration paperwork. If the driver is belligerent, stay in your car until the police arrive and ask them to get the information for you. Never accept blame or say that the accident was your fault.

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